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Mississippi-based and California-bred, Jason Daniels, the band's frontman and songwriter, has music coursing through his veins, a legacy inherited from a family steeped in musical tradition. Raised in the picturesque Napa Valley town of St. Helena, California. Daniels was inspired by his uncles, George and Paul Richey, both revered figures in the Nashville music scene. George Richey penned hits such as "The Grand Tour" and "A Picture of Me Without You" and was famously married to country music legend Tammy Wynette.


At the age of 8, Daniels picked up his first guitar, and by 12, he had already written his inaugural song. This early immersion in music set the stage for a lifetime of creativity and songwriting.


Jason Daniels' journey led him to Nashville, where he recorded his debut album, Dashboard Visions and Rearview Reflections (October 2013), at The Bomb Shelter. Praised by Maverick Magazine as "full of soul and grit" and described by The Vail Daily as "music that makes you want to experience life to its fullest," the album showcased Daniels' passion for storytelling through song.

 In 2012, the artist relocated to Jackson, Mississippi, seeking to immerse himself in the city's rich musical culture and history. "I wanted to breathe the air and drink the water,” says Daniels referring to his move to “The City with Soul”.  There, he continued to hone his craft, resulting in his second studio album, Downloads From The Universe (July 2020), recorded at the legendary Malaco Studios. This uplifting release, drew accolades from Take Effect Reviews as "a breath of fresh air" and from Jeff Burger as "loose, spontaneous, and reminiscent of 1970s LPs from acts like the Grateful Dead and Delaney and Bonnie."  In 2021, the band released the single Mystery Train, further solidifying their place in the roots/indie/jam music scene.


The Jason Daniels Band returned to touring in 2022, thrilling fans across the Western United States.  In July 2023, the Ramblin' Tour's first leg, included memorable performances in Colorado, Utah, and Nevada. After these successful shows, the band took a brief break from touring to focus on recording new material, further fueling their creative fire.  In October, they're back on the road for the second leg of the tour, bringing their signature blend of soul, psychedelic rock, country, blues, and funk to even more fans in Colorado, Utah, and California.  Check out their tour schedule here.


The Jason Daniels Band consists of Chris Nash on Keys/Organ, Rhys Korbin on Drums/BGV, Raidan Gable on Bass and Jason Daniels on Guitar/Vocals. 

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